Virginia Democrat Running For Congress Drops Worst Campaign Ad Ever


One of Representative Barbara Comstock‘s Democrat challengers just released a campaign ad and it might be the worst campaign ad of all time — or the best, depending on your perspective.

Let me set the scene: Daniel Helmer, the congressional-hopeful in question, pulls up to a bar in a red crotch-rocket. He’s sporting off-brand Timerberlands, jeans, aviators, and a brown leather jacket with an American flag patch — seemingly relatable to the everyday working citizens he’s attempting to court.

To complete his all-American, relatable to working class people look, Helmer sports a t-shirt that not-so-subtly read “VETERAN.”

A generic power-chord progression guitar riff booms in the background — similar to what you might imagine a WalMart version of an AC/DC song might sound like. The video then transitions to a screen that reads “HELMZER ZONE” in the same font as the 1986 Tom Cruise classic Top Gun.

After this bizarre sequence, it somehow gets stranger. A woman depicting Comstock is seen sitting at a bar drinking a whiskey-ginger; Helmer then talks to a woman known only as “Goose” — another Top Gun reference — who challenges him to get the sitting congresswoman to hold a town hall. The ad then ascends into a crescendo of cringe-iness as a mob of terrible actors — presumably campaign volunteers — attempt to carry out a singing scene.

Helmer is an Army veteran — as one can pick up from his t-shirt — who was inspired to run against Comstock following the election of President Donald Trump. He claims to have already raised over $100,000 Helmer in his effort to fulfill America’s “desire for new leadership and fresh perspectives,” per the Washington Post.

VA-10, the congressional seat he is running for, is located in the Washington metro region. Helmer plans on capitalizing as the area becomes increasingly blue — though, he won’t be doing himself any favors with ads like this. Or — stay woke — the campaign ad was designed to be so terrible that media would generate free coverage for him, in which case, he certainly got me.

Watch above via YouTube.

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