Geraldo Rivera Blasts Trump for ‘Invoking the Language of Racism’: I Hope It’s Not ‘A Glimpse at His Soul’


Geraldo Rivera said Monday night he’s “saddened” by President Donald Trump engaging in racist and xenophobic language to go after the four female progressive congresswomen who held a press conference Monday to respond.

He emphasized that he considers Trump a friend and said it “pains me for him to take the low road”:

“I was really saddened by what he said, invoking the language of racism and xenophobia in describing these four women. I thought it was very unnecessary. He picked a fight he didn’t have to. The Democrats were doing a great job at destroying themselves and being divided and he united them gratuitously. I don’t know why he did it. I don’t know what he was thinking. It is unfortunate. He says that he didn’t mean for them to go back to some foreign land, but I read the words he spoke, and you either believe the president or your own lying eyes. It’s an embarrassment, it’s a self-inflicted injury. I’m sorry that he did it. I feel embarrassed for him and by him.”

Rivera regularly defends Trump from “gratuitous attacks in the media,” but Monday night he said that POTUS continues to do things that “leave himself open to the criticism that he is exactly what the people who hate him say he is.”

Martha MacCallum asked why he thinks Trump went down this road. Rivera said he really hopes “it isn’t a glimpse at his soul” and that “he doesn’t really believe that every person of color comes from someplace else.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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