Gilbert Gottfried Crashes The Nightly Show to Proudly Declare #DickJokesMatter


Monday night was the first time back on air for many of the late night comedy shows since Thursday’s rambunctious GOP debate in Detroit, Michigan — the same one where the man currently favored to win the party nomination casually bragged about his penis in relation to his itty bitty hands.

That comment in question from Donald Trump really seemed to upset Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, who viewed it as a threat to his livelihood as a comedian as a whole.

“Let me make one thing loud and clear: making dick jokes is my job,” said Wilmore. “A politician’s job is to make policies, a comedian’s job is to make dick jokes, OK?… Crass, shame-filled, fifth grade level dick jokes.”

To further his outrage, Wilmore was joined on The Nightly Show by a trio of impressive comedians to support what they called the #DickJokesMatter cause: Dave Attell, Rachel Feinstein, and crowd-favorite Gilbert Gottfried.

“This country was built on big dreams and small dick jokes,” began Attell. “And if you want my dick jokes, you’ll have to rip them out of my cold, clammy, lightly-lotioned hands.”

In his signature Iago squawk, Gottfried began, “I remember when I got my first dick joke. My father passed it down to me. I was going to pass it down to my son, maybe not the whole thing, but at least just the tip. Dick jokes matter.”

“Stand with us. Let politicians hear your voices,” declared Wilmore. “Comedy’s traditions of dick jokes is long, proud, and yeah, sometimes a little veiny.”

Watch the above clip from Comedy Central.

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