Giuliani Rails Against ‘Moron on Fox’ For Claiming He Chain Smokes: ‘I Hope This Idiot is Not a Lawyer’


Rudy Giuliani might be watching Fox News tonight — seeing as he just trashed someone who made a snarky comment on the network about what it must be like for him to legally defend Donald Trump.

Minor side note: it’s possible Giuliani meant to say “hate ’em” there instead of “hate ‘me.”

Giuliani’s tweet seems directed at a portion of Martha MacCallum‘s show where Michael Caputo and Jonah Goldberg had a discussion about the impact Trump’s tweets have on the Robert Mueller investigation. Caputo claimed he was nervous for a long time about Trump’s Twitter habits, and his concerns have only gotten worse since Mueller is watching POTUS’s latest tweets about Donald Trump Jr.

“When he did this a year ago, I cringed then and I cringe now,” the former Trump aide said. “Obviously it would be great if he didn’t tweet about something so close to the center of this investigation…these tweets are not all that helpful.”

Goldberg was asked about the recent media frenzy over POTUS’s tweets, and he said Trumpworld is in a bind about how to create positive messaging out of this commotion.

That’s when the conservative columnist invoked the former New York mayor and ticked him off in the process:

“I’m sure that Rudy Giuliani spends big chunks of his days chain-smoking cigarettes, white-knuckling it, just hoping another tweet doesn’t show up…”

As it were, Goldberg noticed Giuliani’s tweet and he’s catching him up on the joke:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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