Giuliani Says He’s Preparing Rebuttal of Possible Mueller Findings


President Donald Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is preparing a report rebutting the anticipated findings of Robert Mueller‘s report, according to a new CNN report.

CNN spoke to Giuliani about his rebuttal.

According to Trump’s lawyer, the brief is expected to counter a wide range of anticipated Mueller findings, including rebuttals on obstruction of justice, Michael Flynn, and collusion.

CNN reports:

Giuliani, Trump’s lead outside attorney, said he is in Washington now working on the report that will include rebuttal sections on everything from collusion with Russia in the 2016 election to fired national security adviser Michael Flynn to obstruction of justice in order to be prepared for what may be included in Mueller’s expected report.

Giuliani said they don’t know what Mueller is up to nor the timing of any special counsel report. But they are working on a rebuttal — which will serve as a public relations document as much as a legal document — in attempt to be prepared.

Trump’s lawyer also suggested to CNN that Mueller may be planning to “go dark” for the two months prior to the election, but it likely to remain working behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, Giuliani is already working on what CNN’s Sara Murray called Giuliani’s “back-up” plan, and according to noted the Trump lawyer is already “halfway through preparing a report to rebut a number of possible findings from special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Yesterday The Daily Beast first reported on what Giuliani told them was a “counter-report” that would also look at the legitimacy of Mueller’s whole investigation.

Watch above, via CNN

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