GOP Rep. Collins and Dem Rep. Swalwell Clash at Whitaker Hearing: Ask Questions Instead of ‘Running for President’

A brief clash broke out during Acting AG Matt Whitaker‘s hearing today between Congressman Eric Swalwell (D- CA) and Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) when the former asked a question of the attorney general.

Swalwell asked Whitaker if his organization ever received contributions from foreign donors. Collins called a point of order and objected to the question being “outside the scope of this hearing.”

As Collins continued, Swalwell responded, “Mr. Collins, if you want to sit down there with his lawyers, you can go sit down there, but you’re not his lawyer.”

“And neither are you, Mr. Swalwell,” Collins shot back. “If you would ask questions that are actually part of this instead of running for president, then we could get this done!”

“You could sit down there, there’s room!” Swalwell said.

Things eventually moved on and Swalwell asked the question of Whitaker about donations to FACT. Whitaker said he’s not aware of foreign donations but said their main donor was a U.S. entity.

Swalwell also pressed him on his conversations with the White House and his views on Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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