Great Moments In Journalism: Local News Segment Mocks Romney’s Mormon Faith

What were they thinking in the morning meeting? The Fox station in Memphis decided to send reporter Ben Ferguson out to get some “political perspective” by jokingly interviewing the always intelligent and reliable “people on the street,” and ask them questions like this: “can you name the candidate for president who thinks if he’s a good person he will get his own planet?” One MOS (that’s Man on the Street, of course) tells Ferguson he wouldn’t vote for a person who believed such things, since it’s “a little fruity, a little nutty.”

The story–played strictly for laughs, of course–concludes with anchor Darrell Greene somberly adding perspective on Mormonism. “Of course you’re talking about two different tenets of Mormon belief,” and then asked Ferguson his take on how the folks he met “frame their politicians from a religious aspect.” Ferguson said “everyone I talked to did not realize what Mormons believe.” Ferguson also says Mitt Romney‘s religion–should it be exposed to more in-depth reporting like Ferguson’s–could be in trouble. “It doesn’t bode well with the American voter.”

Watch it below:

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