Hannity Calls Yovanovitch ‘Another Self-Important Very Narcissistic Diplomat Snowflake’

Sean Hannity tonight railed against the second day of impeachment hearings and called former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch a “narcissistic diplomat snowflake.”

Hannity decried the “witch trial” led by Adam Schiff and said he’s “terrified” of the truth.

“We didn’t hear from an actual fact witness again!” Hannity continued. “She knew nothing! As Devin Nunes said, why was she even there? We just get more testimony and more testimony. Yes, another self-important very narcissistic diplomat snowflake who can’t take minor, tiny, baby criticism.”

Yovanovitch testified today about a smear campaign against her by Rudy Giuliani and others.

During the hearing, the president ripped Yovanovitch on Twitter, something Hannity didn’t see as a big deal. But one of his guests tonight, Ken Starr, criticized the president earlier for showing poor judgment by tweeting it out.

Starr told Hannity tonight, “You don’t attack a public servant in the middle her testimony. Period. Full stop. Let others do the work for you.”

“What is the attack?” Hannity asked. “Tell me what the attack is!”

Starr reiterated Trump shouldn’t be going after her public service like that.

Hannity asked, “Have we become a nation of total snowflakes? This is the most innocuous thing in the world. ‘Oh, my precious feelings were hurt!'”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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