Hannity, Mark Levin Blast CNN: If Crowds Keep Chanting ‘CNN Sucks’, You’d Wonder ‘What Am I Doing Wrong?’


On Friday night, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity piled on the media in the era of Trump.

Levin began by praising President Donald Trump for “exposing” the media, which he says is “why they hate him.”

“The media have played this game with the American people for decades that they’re objective and/or bipartisan and only reporting the news,” Levin said. “He has shown them to be a pseudo-profession. It’s not a profession at all and what he has shown them also to be is group think of one mind. There’s different characters, you know, different levels of intelligence, some of them quasi-intelligence, if you will and so far and so forth. He drives them nuts because he calls them out and then they accuse them of attacking press freedom. He’s not attacking press freedom. He’s pointing out how they’re undermining press freedom.”

Hannity then blasted CNN for being “so branded” and will “forever be known as fake news.”

“I think during his rallies, when he says ‘See those people in the back? Fake news, fake news,’ and the crowd turns around on their own, not led by Trump, ‘CNN sucks!’ You know, or ‘Fake News!’ And they shout at them,” Hannity told Levin. “And I would be thinking- if I was running a network and every state, every group of people were saying ‘Hannity sucks,’ I think I might take it personally at some point and say ‘What am I doing wrong?'”

Levin then asked Hannity when was the last time The Washington Post or The New York Times “led with a front page story supportive of a Trump policy?”

“Is that a joke?” Hannity reacted.

Hannity accused the media of “missing the biggest story of their lives” regarding the FBI and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton investigation and pushing a “phony Russia narrative.”

“The media want Trump out. They go after his family. They go after his staff. They go after his campaign. And he’s exposed them,” Levin told Hannity. “And you were saying, CNN will never be viewed the same. The media will never be viewed the same.”

“Ever,” Hannity agreed.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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