Hannity Mocks NY Times ‘Bombshell’ on Trump Wanting Clinton Prosecuted: ‘They Could’ve Listened to His Rallies’


Sean Hannity on Tuesday night mocked a fresh New York Times report, which revealed President Donald Trump wanted the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political enemies: James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

Comey and Clinton also happen to be two frequent targets of Hannity’s Fox News show, leading the host to ask the question: “Does that sound like breaking news to you?”

“Because, it isn’t, it shouldn’t, and because we know how the president feels about Hillary and Comey, and we know Hillary committed crimes,” he said, referring to her email scandal. “It’s not even in dispute.”

“Maybe they could’ve listened to his rallies,” Hannity said, referring to chants of “lock her up” that are a frequent fixture of the president’s speeches.

Hannity aired a montage of pundits on other networks sounding the alarm on Trump’s attempt to sick the Justice Department on Clinton and Comey.

“[Trump] never did anything,” Hannity exclaimed. “Never, ever. It’s a phony story. Fake news.”

The Times reported that Trump privately spoke with former White House counsel Don McGahn about his desire to prosecute Clinton and Comey. McGahn pushed back on the idea, telling Trump he had no such authority to order prosecutions, and even drafted a memo outlining the possible consequences (namely, impeachment.)

Watch above, via Fox News.

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