Herman Cain: ‘African Americans Have Been Brainwashed’ by Media into Hating Trump


Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain appeared on Fox Business today and wildly claimed black people are “brainwashed” by the media into hating President Donald Trump.

“Many of them only look at the liberal stations which we know report 92 percent negative news about President Trump and his administration,” Cain told Fox Business host Stuart Varney. “ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, they all do. Therefore, 50% of the African Americans have been brainwashed by those negative messages.”

Despite claiming that large numbers of black Americans have been indoctrinated, Cain also claimed that they is secretly a mass movement in the black community to re-elect Trump.

“On the other hand, I meet a lot of black people and African Americans who are not brainwashed by the perception but understand the facts that what this president is doing is helping all people,” he said. “So they have been brainwashed to believe in Trump-hate… but there are a lot of people who are swing voters who are not buying the perception.”

“Now, in 2016, Mr. Trump got 8 percent, I think, of the black vote,” Varney replied. “What do you think he gets in 2020? Because if he gets 12 percent or 15 percent, he wins the deal.”

“I believe he’s going to probably hit about 20 percent, and that would be monumental for a presidential candidate who happens to be Republican,” Cain predicted. “The reason that I feel that is because of the feedback that I get from people that I see every day, I see when I travel, they are secretly moving more toward the policies that this president and his administration are promoting and passing, and they are just not talking about it. Why? Because brainwashing and intimidation.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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