Hillary Slams Trump With New Ad in His Hometown


The real estate mogul who turned a small loan of one million dollars into a sprawling skyline empire is one of the biggest names anywhere in New York City. In fact, it’s impossible to walk even five minutes here without seeing the name TRUMP branded on a building or construction site. Hillary Clinton on the other hand really had no connection to New York when she ran for Senator here in 2000; after her years representing its people, she is claiming ownership of sorts over the Big Apple in a new ad aimed squarely at Donald Trump.

“We all don’t look the same. We all don’t sound the same, either,” Clinton says in the ad, a rare effort from the Clinton camp to produce an ad campaign featuring a direct voiceover from the former Secretary of State herself. “But when we pull together, we do the biggest things in the world,” she continues, with evocative images of 9/11 rescue efforts and the construction of the Freedom Tower.

A very brief camera angle cleverly picks up a hint of a “Trump 2016” campaign sign as Clinton continues, “So when some say we can solve America’s problem by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other, well… this is New York, and we know better.”

Although the state-wide primary isn’t until April 19, the conversation has shifted on both sides of the 2016 race recently to New York. After Texas Senator Ted Cruz‘s disparaging comments about “New York values” — and aided by decades of name recognition — Donald Trump is expected to win easily here next month. The Real Clear Politics average currently gives Trump a 38.7 point lead in the race, and Clinton a 34.5 point lead. Bernie Sanders camp is still hoping to chip away at that with a NYC debate focusing on economics and the financial system.

Check out the above video from the Hillary Clinton YouTube page.

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