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A Muslim Girl in Virginia WAS Actually Chased By A Vehicle And Killed… But By An Illegal Immigrant

Virginia Governor’s Race Turns Ugly With Ad Depicting Republicans As Racist Predators

Virginia Democrat Running For Congress Drops Worst Campaign Ad Ever

Trump Campaign Accuses CNN of ‘Censoring President Trump’s Message’ For Refusing to Air Campaign Ad (UPDATE)

New Trump Campaign Ad Goes After ‘The President’s Enemies’ in the Media and Congress

CNN Rejected Trump First 100 Days Ad Because of ‘Fake News’ Graphic

‘America is Winning’: Donald Trump Launches 2020 Campaign Ad on His 102nd Day in Office

New Trump Ad Smacks Hillary by Invoking Coughing Fit, Pneumonia Stumbling

Kimmel’s New Ad Shows How Trump Had to Break America To Make it Great Again

Trump Campaign’s New Ad Features Praise from Sean Hannity (UPDATE)

WATCH: Politician Shoots Machine Gun in Ad Promising to Fight Obama’s ‘Democrat Machine’

Hillary SuperPAC and Donald Trump Both Wrong About ‘Go F*ck Themselves’ Quote

Trump Hits ‘Pathetic’ Hillary for Taking Quotes Out of Context in Ad About His Misogyny

Footage of Sandra Bland Arrest, Walter Scott Shooting, Ray Rice Video Featured in Campaign Ad

The Donald Wants to Give You a Patriotic Orgasm With New ‘Trump Train’ Space Jam Extended Ad

Hillary Slams Trump With New Ad in His Hometown

WATCH: Is Marco Rubio Running for President or Running a Mega-Church?

Netanyahu Uses His Congressional Address in New Campaign Ad

GOP Candidate Saves a Drowning Child in Controversial Ad

Another Candidate Uses Footage of James Foley’s Execution in Campaign Ad; Why?

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