How to Watch USA vs. Belgium’s World Cup Game Online

Today’s big World Cup game is USA vs. Belgium! Get excited and watch live coverage, via Univision, or other streaming options listed below.

For the past several weeks, sports fans all across the globe have watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament with the sort of obsessive adoration John Oliver has likened to organized religion. But if you’re not near a television, how best to view the rest of the games?

Well, if you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, you can easily watch on the CBC, BBC, and SBS websites for free, even without a subscription.

But if you’re in the United States, you have only several options: 1) Use your cable subscription to access streaming content online; 2) Use a service like Aereo; or 3) Do something illegal, which we do not endorse.

If you’re a paid cable subscriber, you can watch every game through ESPN, either on its WatchESPN website and WatchESPN apps. The other streaming option is through Univision, but every game is in Spanish, and they will only broadcast the first two rounds for free.

Team USA takes on Belgium at 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. You can watch Univision’s live feed here.


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