Howard Kurtz Calls Out ‘Wild Conspiracy Theories’ About Shep Smith’s Departure From Fox News

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz used a portion of MediaBuzz on Sunday to bash the skepticism over Shepard Smith’s departure from the network.

While CNN’s Reliable Sources had an extended conversation about Smith’s sudden announcement that he’s leaving Fox, Kurtz used the last two minutes of his show to acknowledge the shockwaves from Smith’s departure. Kurtz eventually remarked on how “it’s no secret” Donald Trump didn’t like Smith, noting how the president repeatedly took shots at the Fox News anchor.

“You can forget about the wild conspiracy theories out there that the Trump team wanted him out, that this means a new direction for Fox,” Kurtz said. “It was Shep who approached management last month and said he we wanted to step down and he was asked to reconsider. That’s a fact.”

“Whether or not you like Shep Smith’s outspoken approach to fact-checking the White House, this is an extraordinary newsman,” Kurtz said, saluting his former colleague.

Aside from Trump’s disdain for Smith’s critical reporting on him, the “conspiracy theories” Kurtz was referring to come from media observers who have questions about why Smith left as he did. Some have raised questions about Attorney General William Barr’s recent meeting with Rupert Murdoch, and others wonder if its connected to Smith’s conflicts with Fox’s pro-Trump opinion division.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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