Ingraham to Kellyanne Conway: Is Trump ‘Reconsidering’ His Hostile Rhetoric Towards The Press After Annapolis?


On Friday, Laura Ingraham spoke with White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway about the recent shooting that took place at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland.

“The president has obviously had a difficult relationship with the press. The press has been wildly unfair to this administration on issue after issue. Yet the language the president used against the press led a lot of people in the press to say ‘Look, this didn’t cause what happened, but deranged people can get triggered by this type of constant drum beat, ‘they’re the enemy of the state,’ and et cetera, et cetera, ‘the worst problem the country has,'” Ingraham told Conway. “Is the president reconsidering some of that language in light of what happened yesterday?”

Well, let’s just say Conway didn’t exactly answer the question. Like, at all.

“Well, the president did one of the things he does best today, Laura, at his Tax Cuts and Jobs Act six-month anniversary, he paused at the very beginning to express sympathy and grief for the victims and their families and outrage over what happened,” Conway responded. “And when you read a lot of the print coverage I’ve read today, it’s very clear that people at the paper said it’s this person, the shooter comes in here, call 9-1-1. The former editor said that he never met anybody so angry as a journalist in all his life. So they knew this guy was bad news for them. He sued them unsuccessfully many years ago and went back yesterday to commit the ultimate act of violence.”

“Look, I’m somebody who’s called for tamping down the rhetoric for a very long time,” Conway continued. “But those who call for it sometimes, if you listen carefully, if you look into social media feeds, they give license sometimes to something that’s hotter than covering the next story or reporting the ‘facts.’ But this president, as he has wanted to do, calls out violence and evil for what it is, including in what happened to those five innocent Americans yesterday.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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