Jake Tapper Goes OFF on Trump For Tweeting ‘Deranged’ Conspiracies While Ignoring Record Covid Cases: ‘How is This Not Dereliction of Duty?!’


CNN’s Jake Tapper was livid with President Donald Trump on Thursday, slamming him for tweeted “deranged” conspiracy theories while ignoring the surging number of coronavirus cases, openly questioning whether the situation was a “dereliction of duty.”

Tapper made the comments in a segment discussing the current status of the pandemic with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, noting that “just a few days ago” America had 10 million cases, but now that number was up to 10,441,000, with 242,000 deaths.

“It’s spreading — everything’s going in the wrong direction,” said Tapper. “And yet, President Trump — nowhere to be found. He has made no public comments on Covid since he lost the election. Even though his Covid task force met on Monday, they’ve not briefed the public in weeks. How bad of a position will we be in by the time President-elect [Joe] Biden takes over in January, on January 20th?”

Gupta replied that he had spent last weekend studying the models to see “what could reasonably be expected” over the next few months, and his conclusions were sobering: “over 300,000 newly infected Covid patients a day” by the end of the year, double the current level of hospitalizations by the end of January, and more than 400,000 Americans dead by mid-February.

“You know, it’s hard to even say that out loud,” said Gupta regarding the predicted fatality rate. “That would make it the worst humanitarian disaster…the worst that we’ve actually incurred” in the 20 years he had been covering these kind of stories.

“I mean, how is it not a dereliction of duty?” asked an incredulous Tapper. “The president, this is going on right now. It’s getting worse. It was predicted. Everybody has been sounding the alarm. President Trump has not announced any sort of revamping of testing, revamping of steps needed to be taken, contact tracing. What should he be doing right now?”

Gupta said if he were in charge, he would “hand this over to the coronavirus task force and the CDC, and say get to work. Do daily briefings. Let the American people know what’s happening. Create a national strategy.”

“Nobody likes to hear the term lockdown, but there are some places spiraling out of control right now,” he acknowledged, advocating for “circuit breaker sort of lockdowns, surge testing into those areas…not forever but for a few weeks” narrowly focused on the local areas where cases were spiking, with a pause on large public gatherings and broad contract tracing.

Gupta called the latest Covid numbers “horrific” and noted that doctors with the global health charity Doctors Without Borders were in the United States right now, because this pandemic had evolved into a major humanitarian crisis here.

“President Trump, instead, is retweeting these deranged voting software conspiracy theories instead of doing the number one job for a president, to protect the lives of the American people,” said Tapper.

Tapper was referring to a baseless conspiracy theory that Trump had tweeted earlier on Thursday, an all-caps rant that claimed that the company that programmed voting machines had somehow changed millions of votes from Trump to Biden. As Mediaite has reported, “there is no evidence from any reliable source that gives any indication of validity,” and the claims have been thoroughly debunked by multiple media outlets, including the New York Times and Snopes.

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