James Clapper: House Intel Committee is ‘Beyond Hope,’ Nunes Pulling ‘Drive-by Shooting’ on FBI

Former DNI director James Clapper has determined that the House Intelligence Committee is a lost cause thanks Rep. Devin Nunes‘ political machinations to help President Donald Trump sow distrust in America’s institutions.

Clapper spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday morning, lamenting that the committee is “completely dysfunctional” and their capacity for oversight is “paralyzed with partisanship.” Clapper said he still has faith in the Senate Intel committee, but as for the House, it’s “beyond hope” in his view.

When Camerota asked if the committee cannot do its job while Nunes is their chairman, Clapper responded “not in the manner in which it was intended, not used as a political lever to do a drive-by shooting in the interest of defending the White House.” He continued to call Nunes a White House agent and accused him of doing a “hit job” to undermine the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Mueller investigation.

Watch above, via CNN.

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