Jeff Flake at Global Citizen Festival: ‘Feel Free to Join Me in an Elevator Anytime’


Just one day after their mid-Judiciary Committee chat that helped to launch the FBI probe of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, Sens. Chris Coons and Jeff Flake made an appearance at the Global Citizens Festival, an annual concert held on the week of the United Nations’ General Assembly.

“Hi, global citizen. I’m Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware,” Coons said.

“And I’m Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona,” Flake added.

“It was our personal relationship that made the politics of compromise that prevailed yesterday possible,”  Coon said.

“So we’re here to support bipartisan leadership on foreign aid,” Flake added.

Then, after Coons said that they want to “see democracy working here at home,” Flake continued on: “Thanks to all of you global citizens who have contacted us this year, you have texted, you have called, you have touched our hearts. Keep calling.”

Coons added: “There are people’s voices we need to hear from around the world and here in our own country. So keep reaching out because we hear you and we need to keep hearing from you.”

“So feel free to join me in an elevator anytime,” Flake quipped, drawing a strong reaction from the crowd.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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