Jeff Sessions: ‘I Have No Idea’ How Many Times I’ve Said I Can’t Recall Things

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has dealt with some testy and contentious exchanges with members of Congress at today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing. But perhaps his most intense grilling came at the hands of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), who pressed the attorney general on his claims that he didn’t recall certain moments during testimony.

And he highlighted how Sessions has criticized others in the past for saying they couldn’t remember something while claiming that an intentional failure to remember can be a criminal act.

“I have a copy of the transcript of your testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in October,” Jeffries said. “You stated under oath ‘I don’t recall’ in some form or fashion 29 times. Is that correct?”

“I have no idea,” Sessions replied.

“I have a copy of the transcript of your testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” Jeffries continued. “You stated ‘I don’t recall’ in some form or fashion approximately 36 times. is that correct?”

“I don’t know,” the attorney general responded.

“In your testimony today, you stated ‘I don’t recall’ at least 20 times, is that fair to say?” Jeffries asked.

“I have no idea,” the AG again answered.

Check out this video of Sessions saying he doesn’t recall a bunch of times during today’s testimony:

The Democratic lawmaker then brought up an appearance Sessions made on Fox Business host Lou Dobbs’ show on October 4th in which the attorney general slammed Hillary Clinton for saying she couldn’t remember numerous times during a testimony. Sessions added during that interview that Clinton could have committed perjury, leading Jeffries to ask the AG if he still believed an intentional act of not remembering could constitute a criminal act.

“If it’s an act to deceive, yes,” Sessions said.

Jeffries went on to note that Sessions had said earlier today that his story over contact with Russian operatives has not changed since his first testimony, something the attorney general confirmed. The New York lawmaker also brought up how Sessions voted to remove Bill Clinton from office over charges of perjury.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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