Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Releasing Ukraine Aid After Whistleblower Briefing Shows ‘He Got Caught’


CNN’s New Day assessed the alleged “consciousness of guilt” within Donald Trump’s administration in light of the news that the president was briefed on the whistleblower complaint before releasing U.S. aid to Ukraine.

John Berman led a segment revolving around The New York Times’ report on the story, which seems to insinuate that Trump knew of the complaint before he told Gordon Sondland there was “no quid pro quo,” and also before the hold on the aid was released. Since the broader implication is Trump lied about the Ukraine scandal timeline, Jeffrey Toobin assessed that “the only reason [Trump] released the aid is he got caught in this whole scheme. He got caught doing it by the whistleblower. He knew the story was going to blow up, so that’s why he released the aid.”

Berman agreed with Toobin’s assessment that “[Trump] knew that he got caught,” and when he turned it over to Abby Phillip, she said “the president knew this was problematic. It’s one of the reasons why there were efforts to hide the transcript, it’s one of the reasons why there were efforts to keep the rationale for holding up the money hush-hush, and now we know it’s one of the reasons he denied so strongly in those conversations that anything untoward was happening.”

Alisyn Camerota assessed that the most interesting revelation from the report was Trump “knew it was wrong” to hold up the money, and he only released it when people in his administration feared his conduct was illegal.

Berman also noted that the Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Mark Sandy has testified that two of his employees quit out of discomfort with the aid holdup, which displays “consciousness of guilt. There were people who knew something was wrong there, and expressed it and acted on it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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