Joe Arpaio Tells CNN’s Cuomo He ‘Understands’ Separating Kids From Families: I Did it All The Time


CNN host Chris Cuomo spoke with former Maricopa County sheriff and current Senate candidate Joe Arpaio on Thursday about the fate of children displaced from their parents at our nation’s border.

Arpaio did not have much sympathy for the children or their families.

“I understand separating the kids from their families. What about the thousands and thousands of people I locked up in my 58-years of law enforcement, taking the parents out of the houses for drugs or whatever?” Arpaio said, referring to his long tenure locking up people in Arizona.

Cuomo then noted that Arpaio locked up people for serious crimes while these were families whose only crime was crossing the border without documents.

“Okay. You want to argue the type of crime and so on? That’s okay. But you know what? Everybody forgets the big problem here. Central America, Mexico, they have tough laws. Why aren’t they stopping these kids and their parents or whatever crossing our border?” Arpaio continued on. “They should be doing it in their country so we won’t have this problem.”

The Trump pardoned former sheriff then vowed that if he wins his Senate bid her will push for further laws.

“I’ll tell you something. Why don’t we blame the families, the adults for taking the chance, violating the law, coming across our border with these young kids? They’re the ones that should held responsible,” Arpaio insisted. “If I get to Washington, I’m going to make sure there’s another law, a tougher law to go after these people.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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