Joe Biden Snaps at NBC’s Savannah Guthrie For Hunter Questions: ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About!’


Former Vice President Joe Biden seemed to get short-tempered with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie when asked about his son Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine.

When Guthrie caught up with Biden on Monday, she noted the “irony” that more people know about Hunter’s work with the Burisma gas company now, thanks to President Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal and his subsequent impeachment. This led to Biden saying that “no one has found anything wrong with [Hunter’s] dealings with Ukraine, except it sets a bad image.”

“Well, do you agree that it sets a bad image?” Guthrie asked. “Do you think it was wrong for him to take that position knowing it was really because the company wanted access to you.”

“That’s not true,” Biden snapped. “You’re saying things you don’t know what you’re talking about! No one’s said that! Who said that?!”

Guthrie remained focused on the “sleazy” optics of Hunter’s job, though his father continued to defend him by saying “he’s a very bright guy.”

“Was it right?” Guthrie asked.

“He says he regretted having done it,” Biden said. “[He] speaks for himself. He’s a grown man.”

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