John Bolton’s Former Chief of Staff Appears on Fox to Urge Him To Withdraw Book


Fred Fleitz, who previously served as chief of staff to John Bolton and has known the former national security advisor for 30 years, joined Fox New’s primetime host Laura Ingraham to rip his former boss over his upcoming tell-all book.

Fleitz launched an unexpected attack on his former boss in the form of an opinion piece on Monday — and reiterated it on Ingraham’s show by calling on Bolton to “withdraw” his new book or hold it until President Donald Trump is out of office.

“I believe the concept that presidents have to be able to confide in her national security advisors and be able to knock around ideas; this is extremely important. We want the president to consult the best possible advisors and know that whatever he discusses will not appear in the press or in books,” Fleitz stated.

Fleitz added, “the best thing here would be Ambassador Bolton to pull this book until Mr. Trump leaves office or at least after the election in November.”

Ingraham asked Fleitz whether someone in the administration leaked the reported accounts of the manuscript or if it was the publisher trying to “hype” the book before print.

“I take Ambassador Bolton at his word that they didn’t leak it, but sending something so sensitive to the White House during impeachment hearing and all the bureaucrats that will review it. I’m afraid it was an invitation for a leak,” Fleitz stated.

Ingraham asked Fleitz for the last time he spoke to Bolton. Fleitz replied he “talked to him recently.”

“You think he’s burning to testify?” Ingraham asked.

“I’m not going to comment on my private discussions with Ambassador Bolton. We have to respect the concept that presidents have to confide and their advisors and knock ideas around. He can’t be afraid of his discussions being published,” Fleitz stated.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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