Jon Stewart: Chris Wallace Admitted That Fox News Tells ‘The Other Side’ Of The Story

Daily Show host and “friggin’ smart” “comedianJon Stewart took a little time to address his recent interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Stewart appeared simultaneously delighted and depressed by the Huffington Post’s decision to headline a report on the interview with the words, “You’re Insane!”

Stewart then advised his viewers to watch the full, unedited interview rather than the version that aired on television so that he would seem less “sad clown, happy clown, mad clown.” The unedited version, Stewart continued, also contains what he sees as the moment when Wallace “gives away the game” by noting that MSNBC reports with a liberal agena, whereas Fox News acts as a “counterweight,” presenting “the other side of the story.”

Stewart took this to mean that Wallace was basically admitting that Fox News presents “one side” of the story, because “as we know, news only comes in two sides.”

He continued: “Fox News isn’t ‘Fair and Balanced’! It’s balancing the system, man!”

Watch the segment, via Comedy Central:

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