Jonah Goldberg Goes Off on Trump Team’s ‘Unpatriotic Lie’: Trying to Steal Election With an ‘Insane Bat Guano Conspiracy Theory’


Jonah Goldberg, editor in chief of The Dispatch, went off on President Donald Trump and his legal team on Fox News’ Special Report Friday, especially after Thursday’s wild press conference featuring Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

Goldberg made it clear in a piece for The Dispatch Friday the president is “literally trying to steal an election.”

On Special Report, Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway said “barring any major surprises, Joe Biden will win the electoral college and be inaugurated on January 21st,” before bringing up reports of election problems in a few states.

“I think this is a major issue for Republicans, even if it’s not going to affect the particulars of this election,” she said.

Goldberg reiterated that “Donald Trump is trying to steal an election by pretending that the Democrats have stolen the election,” and said that there’s a world of difference between legitimate questions of voter fraud and what the Trump team is alleging.

“They are alleging an insane, bat guano crazy conspiracy theory where Rudy Giuliani is actually saying that most ballots are actually counted out of the country,” he said. “They’re alleging that those internationally recognized cyber ninjas, the Venezuelans, have hijacked our democracy. And while I don’t think Donald Trump thinks he’s going to pull it off, he’s trying to keep his options open, and one of the options he would like to keep open is to literally steal an election by claiming that the Democratic party has stolen an election. It’s a pervasive, unpatriotic lie.”

“I care about voter fraud,” he added, “but saying this is an important story because it illuminates voter fraud is like saying the Watergate burglary’s an important story because it highlighted the problems with security at the Watergate hotel. It’s missing the point.”

Hemingway responded by saying “there are really serious things here” before adding, “It is really, really hard to hear someone say that this is inappropriate when for four years we had people allege that the 2016 election was stolen through a conspiracy of collusion…”

“I didn’t,” Goldberg shot back.

“…or to not say anything against people saying that, to let that conspiracy theory run wild for four years and not to be upset about what that did to the country,” Hemingway said.

Goldberg shot back that doesn’t in any way justify what the president is trying to do:

“Trump’s lawyers are failing time and time again when they go to court because they’re not allowed to lie. Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell are constantly lying. Whatever baggage you might have about the Russia collusion stuff and the conspiracy theories about all of that, that does not give the president of the United States the permission structure to be the first sitting president in American history to refuse to concede a lawful and clear election that he lost!”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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