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Joy Behar Unleashes on ‘Probably Guilty’ Kavanaugh: ‘Take a Lie Detector Test!’

Joy Behar had a passionate moment on Wednesday when she ravaged congressional Republicans for saying Brett Kavanaugh‘s Supreme Court confirmation should proceed despite the firestorm swirling around him.

The View used most of its A Block to talk about Christine Ford, the woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault who now refuses to testify before the senate unless the FBI investigates her claims first. As Behar talked about how men have an obligation to help protect women from potential predators, she slammed the “old, white men” in the Senate Judiciary Committee who aren’t doing that with Kavanaugh, who Behar is presuming guilty.

“They’re protecting a man who is probably guilty,” Behar declared. “If you’re not, Judge Kavanaugh, take the lie detector test. Prove it the way she did and the way Anita Hill did, that they were not lying. Let’s see that from you, or are you a coward?”

As Sunny Hostin asked her colleagues why the FBI isn’t taking the initiative to investigate Ford’s claim, Abby Huntsman said “her story is compelling enough that you don’t even need a background check,” and Kavanaugh’s confirmation is likely to be derailed or postponed because of it. Behar wasn’t convinced, saying Republicans will move ahead no matter what because “they are vehemently for overturning Roe V. Wade.”

“There’s no other evidence,” Behar conceded. “It still becomes he said/she said and they will vote for him.”

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