Keith Olbermann Owes Ann Coulter an Apology

Keith Olbermann has been swinging back and forth on the stridency spectrum lately, but on last night’s show, I think the pendulum came loose and crashed through the wall. In a “clever” change-up, Keith did his “Not Worst Persons” list, topping it with Ann Coulter.

I’ve seen Keith go pretty far off the rails, but the culmination of his Coulter rant literally made my jaw drop.

Here’s the segment:

As it happens, Ann is here at CPAC, so I thought I’d try to get a reaction from her. I asked her handler to see if she’d respond to Olbermann’s crack. Here he is asking her about it:

Well, I tried.

This has nothing to do with your feelings about Ann Coulter as a human being. What Olbermann did was homophobia and transphobia at their most insidious. He claims to be a liberal, yet he uses transgender status to slur Ann Coulter? Did he learn nothing from “Retard-gate?”

I’ve seen this kind of crap peddled by anonymous blog trolls, and shaken my head. Transpeople have, perhaps, a harder time than anyone  in the LGBT community. Transphobia kills, most famously a transman named Brandon Teena. Keith Olbermann should apologize for this remark, and he should do it tonight.

Then, he can get some lessons on how to be nice from MSNBC class act Rachel Maddow. Ironically, he might even learn from some of the CPAC crowd, too.

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