Ken Starr: ‘I Have a Sense’ There Will Be ‘Indictments’ in the Russia Probe

The independent counsel who was largely responsible for Bill Clinton’s impeachment said this morning that he expects we will see criminal indictments related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference.

Appearing on CNN’s Smerconish, former US Solicitor General Ken Starr was asked by host Michael Smerconish if it was likely that we will see multiple indictments of Trump associates in the Russia investigation, with the CNN host noting that in Starr’s investigation of Clinton he obtained 14 criminal convictions.

“Given what we do know, especially given what happened this summer with respect to the FBI’s intrusion into Paul Manafort’s condominium, in light of the revelations that we’ve seen about General Flynn, I have a sense that there will, in fact, be indictments,” Starr responded.

He continued, “There may be guilty pleas and so forth, but we shall see. What I find very interesting, very briefly, is in light of the information that is now coming out with respect to Russian attempts to influence both the national election and 21 different states, what I expect to see is serious consideration of indicting one or more foreign nationals.”

The two men also discussed Starr comments last month in which he said the president will be put under oath to testify before Mueller ends his investigation. Starr pointed out this morning that it will probably be by invitation because he believes Mueller will make every effort to respect the dignity of the office of president, but in the end, this is a “logical step” for Mueller to complete the probe.

The segment concluded with them talking about how Starr’s investigation into Clinton began with a land transaction and ended with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and relating it to how Mueller’s investigation may go in many different directions depending on what he discovers.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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