Laura Ingraham: Actions By ‘Intolerant Left’ To Stifle Free Speech ‘Are Stalinist, Pure and Simple’


After a weeklong pre-planned vacation in the wake of a growing advertiser boycott over her mockery of Parkland survivor David Hogg, Fox News’s Laura Ingraham began her Monday evening program by claiming there is a plot by the left to silence conservatives.

Stating that “the left’s propaganda shaped a new generation of young adults” who then used terms like microaggression and safe spaces to “intimidate those who disagree with them,” the Fox host stated that liberals “don’t invite more voices to enter public discussion” despite their talk of inclusion.

“Generations later, the chilling effect on free speech and the workplace in the media, and in society at large is palpable,” she declared. “We all feel it. And the situation may be worsening.”

After tossing out some statistics that stated that young people are becoming increasingly hostile to free speech, Ingraham said that expressing views that were mainstream just a few years ago can get you fired. “Or, yes, you can get boycotted,” she added.

Listing off a number of topics and issues she claimed gets one labeled a racist or bigot if talked about in public, she then brought up a 2016 campaign incident in which a Trump supporter was beaten up in San Jose.

“This is the intolerant left in action,” the conservative commentator exclaimed. “Whether it’s striking voices from social media, or driving certain viewpoints on the airwaves. Beating people up, organizing boycotts, for perceived unforgivable offenses or preventing speakers from being heard on a college campus, it’s all coming from the same place.”

After citing some more instances to bolster her case that conservatives were being censored and stifled by the left — and dropping a George Soros reference for good measure — Ingraham then indicated this was reminiscent of the old Soviet Union.

“Their efforts are Stalinist, pure and simple. Their objective is a total transformation of American society, not through rational discourse and open debate, but through personal demonization and silencing. True liberals and conservatives should defend the free speech anywhere and everywhere because the everywhere because the tables can turn quickly. Today its conservatives being targeted. Tomorrow it could be left of center voices as well.”

Meanwhile, it does appear that more advertisers are jumping ship from her program:

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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