Laura Ingraham Interviews Anonymous Nevada ‘Poll Worker’ Claiming They Witnessed Blatant Voter Fraud


Fox News Laura Ingraham interviewed someone claiming to be a “poll worker” in Clark County, Nevada who allegedly witnessed a brazen act of voter fraud during the 2020 Election.

The poll worker spoke to Ingraham on Tuesday night, though the Fox host said her guest would be kept in a silhouette and would have her voice disguised because of “her own safety concerns.” The guest claimed that she saw a Biden-Harris campaign van parked near her polling location where people were taking papers out of envelopes.

“As I walked by I looked and I thought ‘those are ballots.’ It was kind of an odd, like, what are they doing?” The poll worker said.

The poll worker claimed they walked by the van multiple times and watched the people put the “ballots” back inside the envelopes after marking them down. She said that her view was at least partially obstructed since the people had their backs to her, but then one of those people noticed her, “and the whole line moves as I walk by them. And it scared me.”

The anonymous poll worker was featured in a Fox News report, which noted the person signed a sworn affidavit making their allegations on behalf of the Trump campaign.

Between the coincidental elements of the poll worker’s story, the lack of solid proof, and the weirdness of the interview set-up, many expressed skepticism of Ingraham’s guest on Twitter:

This story has been updated with further information.

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