Laura Ingraham Pans Trump For Praising Chinese President Xi, Weighing War With Iran


Fox News host Laura Ingraham warned President Donald Trump against war with Iran, saying that a conflict with the Middle Eastern state could harm his 2020 chances.

“War with Iran is one of the few almost certain paths for [Trump] to harm his re-election prospects,” Ingraham wrote on Twitter this morning.

That was not the only criticism Ingraham — a devout pro-Trump pundit — lobbed at Trump in the past 24 hours.

In response to Trump tweeting that he has unlimited respect for Chinese President Xi Jinping, Ingraham wrote, “‘Unlimited respect’ for a president who locks up a million plus dissidents, Muslims and Christians in internment camps? Who oversees a brutal assault on freedom 24/7? Why?”

The Fox News host joined her colleague Tucker Carlson in urging the president against a military conflict despite the escalating tension with Tehran.

“The people agitating for it right now, MSNBC, CNN, Max Boot, Bill Kristol — the usual suspects,” Carlson remarked last night. “None of whom have the country’s interest at heart I would argue. I mean, it is chilling.”

However, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs — another one of Trump’s favorite cable news pundits — has instead turned to hawkish talking points.

“If you mess further with us, we will not commit troops, but we will reduce your entire infrastructure to dust,” Dobbs said of Iran last night.

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