Lawrence O’Donnell’s Tribute To Director Sidney Lumet Includes An F-Bomb

Well, this one won’t make the new owners happy. On MSNBC’s Last Word tonight, a story about the career of Dog Day Afternoon director Sidney Lumet included a clip from his final film, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. That film’s considered a masterpiece, but it’s also a film filled with graphic sex, violence and language–and one that would obviously need a bit of editing before airing some of it on a news channel like MSNBC. Or, perhaps not?

In a tribute package that included classic clips like Al Pacino shouting “Attica! Attica!” and Peter Finch‘s “mad as hell” speech from Network, comes the last clip–Philip Seymour Hoffman in Devil, shouting “it’s not fair, it’s not f—ing fair,” only without the dashes.

The line dissolves into a lovely graphic of Lumet holding an Oscar and off to a break they go. And Twitter lights up with a flurry of tweets about O’Donnell and his unexpected “f-bomb.” Now that’s just the kind of thing MSNBC’s new owners, straight-laced Comcast, probably won’t find funny.

Watch it here, from MSNBC:

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