Lou Dobbs: Everyone Involved in the ‘Attempt to Overthrow’ Trump ‘Should Be in Orange Jumpsuits’

Lou Dobbs celebrated William Barr‘s handling of Robert Mueller on Thursday night and said that those who provided support for the investigation ought to be thrown in prison.

The Fox Business host used most of his show to declare Trump vindicated from the accusations against him, taking a lot of time to heap praise on Barr.

“President Trump now has an attorney general who is bright, forthright, principled and professional. Attorney General William Barr defending the rule of law.”

When Dobbs eventually turned his attention to Mueller’s report, he called it an “insane,” “mindless” document that was supposedly never based on probable cause. After working in some slams against the media and the “22 months of investigation by a partisan-driven special counsel without any crime to investigate,” Dobbs voiced what he’d like to see happen now that the report is in.

“These people should be held accountable and everyone involved––the Dems who funded it, the Christopher Steeles and the law firms that aided and abetted in this farcical attempt to overthrow a president––should be, I think, they should be in orange jumpsuits.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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