Lou Dobbs Spreads Baseless Claim That ‘Many’ Illegal Immigrants Voted in Midterms: They’re ‘Having an Immense Impact’


Spreading a baseless claim on his evening program Thursday, Fox News’ Lou Dobbs argued a substantial number of immigrants cast ballots in the midterm elections.

“We’re watching millions of illegal immigrants cross our borders and many of them voting in the past election…a couple of weeks ago, and having an immense impact,” Dobbs said. “If there, as Yale and M.I.T. say, 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants already in this country, you know what that means for the districts of the U.S. Congress and the influence that they’re giving to, for example, the state of California, Illinois, New York.”

While Dobbs is correct that a September study from Yale and M.I.T. stated that there could be, at most, nearly 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., his claim that they’re influencing election outcomes holds no water.

In fact, there is no evidence to indicate undocumented immigrants are having even the slightest impact on elections.

A January 2017 analysis from the Brennan Center for Justice called noncitizen voting “vanishingly rare” based of years’ worth of data.

Among the studies collected was a New York Times survey in which law enforcement and election officials throughout the country were contacted following the 2016 election, indicating only two potential cases of votes being cast by noncitizens. That was out of more than 137 million voters.

The Washington Post also conducted a survey of its own around the same time with Nexis database reports, finding zero cases of noncitizens voting.

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