‘LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!’ Joe Scarborough Screams at Pro-Trump Conspiracists Who Don’t ‘Give a DAMN’ About Democracy


Joe Scarborough channeled the rant of fictional Network anchor Howard Beale Friday morning, as he called out conspiracy theorists who continue to investigate the baseless allegations of election fraud made by former President Donald Trump.

At issue is an ongoing investigation in Maricopa County, Arizona led by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists that is looking for evidence in support of allegations that have largely been proven false, in an election result that has long been certified by Republican officials, many of whom were pro-Trump at the time.

The Morning Joe host went to a level of passion that one rarely sees on cable news, and even evoked a cliche used against anti-war protestors during the Vietnam War, screaming “Love it or leave it,” although it’s very unlikely that any pro-Trump election fraud conspiracy theorists were tuned in to MSNBC at that moment.

The viewer base of the MSNBC morning show, however, almost certainly enjoyed the scream therapy session vicariously, as Scarborough’s loss of patience with the absurd recount of a long resolved election is, in fact, crazy as hell, at least in the eyes of reasonable MSNBC viewers.

The Morning Joe host made the salient comparison between their aggrievement about the treatment of symbols of American democracy and the actual underpinnings of Madisonian democracy.

“You just won’t give a damn for a second about the thing that symbol stands for! Madisonian democracy. The Constitution of the United States. The people’s house. The center of democracy. Not just in America, but across the globe,” Scarborough exclaimed. “So you’re going to freak out over somebody not paying enough respect for a symbol, but you’re just going to — I’ll just say, throw dirt all over everything that symbol represents!”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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