Maggie Haberman: ‘Stoking Racial Tensions’ Is ‘Now a Strategy’ for Trump’s Reelection Campaign


New York Times White House reporter, and CNN Contributor, Maggie Haberman shared a fairly dark assessment of what we will see in President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign during a Thursday morning appearance on New Day: Those xenophobic attacks he directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar during Wednesday’s rally that spawned ugly chants of “send her back”? Expect more, not less of that in the next year and a half.

Trump has recently focused intense animus towards Omar and three other Democratic women which most recently culminated in the ugly chants directed at Omar, the first elected refugee who fled war-ravaged Somalia when she was just 12 years old. During Wednesday night’s rally, his prepared remarks that were hypercritical of Rep. Omar spawned ugly “send her back” chants that have drawn criticism from many political precincts.

Host Alisyn Camerota noted that Trump’s going after these congresswomen in such an incendiary manner was on his TelePrompTer, noting that the president “wasn’t just riffing…the incendiary stuff was written down. And that means they thought about it because it is a campaign strategy.”

She then noted that Haberman’s reporting suggests that the Trump campaign has decided that “stoking racial tension is going to be more effective than talking about the economy.”

“It’s not as if stoking racial tension has never been done before and it’s never worked before,” Haberman replied, adding, “politicians do it because it works.”

She then added that “yes, this is now a strategy” but one that was reverse-engineered by campaign staffers after Trump “tweeted something as a visceral reaction” to something he saw. She then noted out Trump effectively ran a “campaign of division and stoking tensions and inflaming tensions in 2016,” adding “he’s going to make that look like a quiet stroll through the park based on yesterday.”

She then compared Trump’s attacks on Omar with candidate John McCain defending Barack Obama in 2008 when somebody referred to as an Arab. “And John McCain said no he’s just somebody who I have disagreements with.”

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