‘Make White Privilege Great Again’: Watch W. Kamau Bell’s Awkward Interview With Richard Spencer

Comedian W. Kamau Bell kicked off the new season of CNN’s United Shades of America by having a talk about race with prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer… It was awkward to say the least.

Bell caught up with Spencer shortly after the alt-right leader delivered that anti-semitic speech at the National Policy Institute in November. This was the event where Spencer also drew attention for hailing President Donald Trump‘s election victory.

Throughout his exchange with Bell, Spencer talked about how he wants to “make white privilege great again,” and just “bathe in white privilege.” Between slams on America’s diversification and saying men do more to shape society than women, Spencer took time to bristle at the idea that James Bond might be played by a black actor some day.

As Spencer pushed his ideologies on immigration and ethnocentric superiority, Bell mostly responded with laughter, pushback, or else, simply keeping a straight face. Bell argued that different races have contributed to America’s growth overall, though Spencer insisted that those of White European origin generate a “level of civilization” unmatched by any other human ethnicity.

Bell posted a column about the episode, explaining that he gave Spencer airtime in order to make a point about how the alt-right leader’s way of thinking has a tangible presence within the country. Bell compared it to the first episode of his show, when he interviewed several members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Watch above, via CNN.

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