Man Who Confronted Steve King Speaks Out: King and the Pittsburgh Shooter Share Same Bigoted Views


On Thursday Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) had a meltdown when one of his constituents asked him if he identified as a white nationalist.

“I will not answer your question and I will not listen to another word from you,” King said. “Stop it! You’re done!”

Then, he had security escort the man out.

The moment was, of course, caught on video and quickly spread around the internet.

The man who caused the ruckus — and who King called an “ambusher” — also appeared on MSNBC Thursday night to describe his reasoning behind the line of questioning that made King explode.

Kaleb van Fosson, a college student, said he was inspired to ask his question “because this Saturday in Pittsburgh there was a tragic shooting that left 11 people dead. And the ideology of the murderer who committed this act was the same bigoted white supremacist ideology that Steve King constantly espouses.”

Then when asked if it is fair to connect King to a murderer, van Fosson said this: “Steve King and the shooter both share this core belief that American or western culture, which is basically white culture in Steve King’s mind, is under attack by this foreign enemy and they have both talked and espoused ideas about white genocide and the great replacement.”

He then said both the shooter and the Congressman’s rhetoric were very much in line.

Van Fosson also made it clear he was indeed an Iowan and paid his $15 to be at the event just like the rest of King’s constituents.

As far as King representing Iowa, he said, “This just isn’t the Iowa I know.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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