Diamond & Silk Protest the Cancellation of Roseanne to Maria Bartiromo


Maria Bartiromo, guest hosting Neil Cavuto‘s Fox News show on Wednesday, had on Diamond & Silk for a lengthy 10-minute segment to basically defend Roseanne Barr‘s super racist tweet.

It wasn’t what you would expect to see on a news network at 4:00 p.m., but it certainly was a spectacle. Diamond & Silk, pro-Trump social media stars whose fame has been propelled by their dubious claims Facebook is censoring them, were invited on Fox News to give their opinion on the tweet that has tanked Barr’s career.

The duo first defended the comedian against charges of racism. “Roseanne, let me just say this here: she is not a racist.”

“She made bad judgment when she tweeted out something that was a little off-the-cuff,” they continued. “And she apologized for it. Now, where’s the apologies from all of the other people like Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Jimmy Kimmel?”

(Behar joked earlier this year that Mike Pence‘s belief that God speaks to him is a sign of mental illness. After a backlash, she apologized in a statement, in a phone call to Pence, and on air.)

“Why haven’t their shows been canned? Because they’ve said some off-the-cuff stuff about our president, and about conservatives, about people that support our president,” Diamond & Silk said.

Bartiromo agreed, criticizing ESPN’s Keith Olbermann for using “F-bombs” in his tweets.

“I don’t think her show should have been canned,” Diamond & Silk said. “Let this play out on the show.”

“It feels like if you’re a Trump supporter, there’s just no room for error,” Bartiromo lamented about Barr, who compared Valerie Jarrett, an African-American, to an ape. “She obviously made a big mistake, but there’s no room for error.”

“When she saw that the joke fell flat, she apologized for it,” Diamond & Silk added, before blasting “the left” for “beating this lady up over the head about racism, when they are the ones that does a lot of the racism.”

The duo went to discuss their hopes that another network pick up Roseanne since its cancellation from ABC.

“A comedian just called us bootlickers and coons,” Diamond & Silk said about hate mail they receive on Twitter (marking what must be the first time that phrase has ever been uttered on Fox News.)

Bartiromo wrapped up the interview, which felt like it went on for hours, by probing Diamond & Silk’s conservative bonafides and their escape from liberal “conditioning.”

“You make a lot of interesting points, ladies,” Bartiromo noted.

Watch above via Fox News.

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