Mark Levin Unleashes on Senate Judiciary Committee: ‘They’re Either Filled With Perverts or Totalitarians’


On Wednesday night, conservative radio show host Mark Levin sounded off on the allegations being made against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Levin began by pointing out there’s “no blue dress” and “not a single eye witness” or a “shred of evidence” among Kavanaugh’s three accusers. And because of that, he accused Democrats of believing that the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution “does not apply” to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I believe Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats, the lawyers, the operatives, the Senate, their staffers, all scheming around in the shadows- they’ve come up with literally nothing tangible or concrete. The only reason why they blow this off, that it’s not a court of law is because that’s how totalitarians think.”

Levin blasted the idea that this is an advocacy for women since millions of women believe it’s a “spectacle” and “find this disgusting.”

“Liberals don’t speak for women,” Levin declared. “Did Ted Kennedy speak for Mary Jo Kopechne? Did Bill Clinton speak for all the women he sexually assaulted? I don’t think so.”

He then asked how many FBI background checks were conducted on Kavanaugh’s accusers (the answer: “zero”) and slammed their lawyers for not taking their cases to the Montgomery County Police Department, accusing them that they haven’t because then “the rule of law actually kicks in.”

“I’m starting to wonder about this Senate Judiciary Committee,” Levin continued. “They’re either filled with perverts or totalitarians. It’s one or the other. They’re gleeful, they’re exciting, they’re salivating all over this. It is a disgusting spectacle.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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