Mark Steyn Compares Antifa to Charlie Hebdo Shooters: ‘Someone is Gonna Get Killed’ Because of Them


Tucker Carlson returned to Fox News on Monday night after a week-long break, and teamed up with Mark Steyn to slam Antifa and dismiss the notion that white supremacy still has a serious presence in America.

Since the Unite the Right 2 rally-goers in Charlottesville and Washington D.C. were vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters over the weekend, Carlson sarcastically bashed the media and political figures who continue to say that white supremacy is a national crisis.

“So much for the Klan rally,” Carlson snarked. “White supremacy is not ubiquitous in America, it’s not a crisis. It’s not even a meaningful category. It is incredibly rare…People who tell you otherwise are either delusional or trying to control with you fear, likely both.”

Like his Fox Business colleague Lou Dobbs, Carlson focused on the bad behavior from Antifa and other counter-protesters during their demonstrations against white nationalists. He also tore into media entities who whitewashed Antifa’s militant element on the grounds that it’s technically an anti-facist movement.

“The very people decrying fascism are the ones practicing fascism,” Carlson said, “crushing those who disagree with them, silencing contrary opinions as they do constantly, and threatening violence as they did yesterday.”

Steyn tore into the “dweebie pajama-boy types” with Antifa, bashed the media for their “glamorization of violence,” and said someone will probably die because of their demonstrations.

“You see the dweebie pajama-boy types talking about wanting to kill people. It’s easy to laugh it off and say, they don’t really mean it. They are not into it. But in fact when you look at what is going on, the increase in the level of targeted intimidation of people who happen to have a political disagreement with them, I think we are approaching the point where someone is gonna get killed over this.”

Remember, Heather Heyer already was killed last year as part of the original Unite the Right rally — when one of their demonstrators decided to get in his car and mow down counter-protesters.

From there, Carlson and Steyn took turns dunking on what they deemed to be the rising white supremacy “fantasy” — dismissing it as a ploy to delegitimize Republicans and free speech. Steyn topped it off by comparing anti-President demonstrators to the Charlie Hebdo shooting perpetrators.

“We have people who are on the same continnium as the Charlie Hebdo killers – Those guys were witty, amusing, intelligent people killed by guys who don’t know anything except how to kick the door down and kill you. These guys in Antifa are the same thing. They can’t make an argument. They’re morons. But they are morons who have the scent of blood in their nostrils.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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