Meghan McCain Defends Kamala Harris Against Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Unquestionably Racist’ Tweet


Meghan McCain blasted Donald Trump Jr. Sunday for sharing a tweet questioning the racial heritage of Kamala Harris and whether she qualified as an “American black.”

During last Thursday’s Democratic debate, Kamala Harris spoke on racial issues “as the only black person on stage.” After the debate, Ali Alexander, a conservative media pundit, tweeted that Harris was not an American black, rather that she was half Indian and half Jamaican. He said that Harris was robbing American blacks of their history.

Trump Jr. shared the tweet and commented, “Is this true? Wow.” He later deleted the retweet.

“Don’s tweet was simply him asking if it was true that Kamala Harris was half-Indian because it’s not something he had ever heard before,” Trump Jr. spokesman Andy Surabian told the New York Times.

Harris’ campaign compared the attacks to birther conspiracies which circulated about President Barack Obama.

McCain has been critical of the Trump family before, and in late May she called President Trump a “child” who would always be “deeply threatened” by her father.

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