Megyn Kelly Critiques Miss America for Axing Swimsuit Competition: ‘What’s Wrong’ With It?


Megyn Kelly is defending Miss America’s old swimsuit competitions in light of the news that the pageant organizers are going to do away with the segment in future events.

Miss America chairwoman Gretchen Carlson made news last month when she announced the removal of the swimsuit portion, saying beauty contests will head in new direction and focus less on physical appearance. As Kelly held a panel on Monday to discuss the announcement from her former Fox News colleague, she wondered if the organization is going to far with their decision.

“What’s wrong with showing women in bikinis?” Kelly asked.

Kelly’s defense came up in a spirited conversation with political analyst Zerlina Maxwell, who argued that beauty pageants are a “completely antiquated idea” devoted to objectifying women. During this chat, Kelly disputed the idea that “femininity is no longer consistent with feminism,” and she saw nothing wrong with women willing to show off their looks after working hard to get where they are. She also predicted a drop in viewership if beauty pageants don’t focus as much on beauty anymore.

“What’s wrong with showing women in bathing suits? They look amazing, they worked hard for it. They’re fit. I find it inspirational to see a very fit woman…The reality is, no one is going to want to watch the pageant. If you’re looking for the smartest woman in America, you should be at MIT, you shouldn’t be at Miss America, with all due respect.” She added, “The people watch for the bathing suit competition, among the other pieces of it, but not to get a dissertation on whatever it is they are going to be talking about.”

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