Miss America

Gretchen Carlson Responds to Miss America Cara Mund: You Cost Us $75,000 in Scholarships

Megyn Kelly Critiques Miss America for Axing Swimsuit Competition: ‘What’s Wrong’ With It?

Miss America Axes Swimsuit Competition, Won’t Judge Women on ‘Outward Physical Appearance’

Phyllis George Sends Aggrieved Email to Fmr. Miss Americas After Gretchen Carlson Asks for Resignation

Gretchen Carlson to Serve as Chair of Miss America Board of Directors

Former Miss America Mallory Hagan Hopes Scandal Marks Pageant ‘Reinvention’

Miss America CEO Resigns Following Uproar Over Crass Emails

Miss America Organization Board Votes to Suspend CEO After Report on Crass Emails

Miss America Board Member Resigns Following Report on Leaked Emails, Demeaning Comments

Miss America CEO Slut-Shamed and Fat-Shamed Pageant Winners in Staff Emails

Miss America Finalist Slams Trump On Charlottesville During Pageant: ‘Obvious That it Was a Terrorist Attack’

WATCH: Today Was Former Miss America Mallory Hagan’s First Day as a Local News Correspondent

Guess Which State Just Crowned the First Openly Gay Miss America Contestant?

Miss Puerto Rico Suspended from Miss America Pageant After Muslim-Slamming Twitter Tirade

Miss America Contestant Gets Question About Kim Davis at Pageant

Miss Alabama: GOP Should Be ‘Terrified’ of How Much Attention Trump Gets

Trump Buys 100% of Miss Universe from NBC; Says All Lawsuits Are Settled

John Oliver’s Miss America Segment Raises $25,000 for Women Engineering Scholarships

Jezebel Editor Takes Down GMA’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Miss America Interview

Miss America Organization Responds to Roasting from John Oliver

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