Megyn Kelly Grills Vladimir Putin Over ‘Unstoppable’ Nuclear Weapons: ‘But You’ve Tested It?’

Megyn Kelly nabbed an exclusive interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, speaking with the Russian president on the heels of his ominous unveiling of nuclear-capable weapons that he claimed to be “unstoppable.”

NBC aired a clip of Kelly’s one-on-one interview on Thursday night, hours after it was even announced she had sat down with the controversial head of state in Moscow.

Kelly kicked off the interview by noting that Western analysts have described Putin’s nuclear flexing as “the declaration of a new cold war.”

“Are we in a new arms race right now?” the NBC host asked.

“My point of view is the individuals who is said that a new Cold War has started are not really analysts,” Putin replied. “They do propaganda.”

He then suggested we may already be in an arms race: “If you were to speak about arms race, then an arms race began at exactly the time and moment when the U.S. opted out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty.”

Kelly pressed Putin that some analysts have speculated that the reason Putin’s big unveiling used animations — as opposed to actual videos — is because his missile launches actually failed.

“As a matter of fact, every single weapons system discussed today easily surpasses and avoids an anti-missile defense system,” Putin replied.

“But you’ve tested it?” Kelly shot back.

“The test was excellent,” Putin declared. “Some of them still have to be fine tuned and worked on. Others are already available to the troops and already are battle ready.”

But Kelly wasn’t satisfied, again asking “for the record, right now, do you have a workable ICBM that’s powered by nukes that you tested successfully?”

“All of those tests were successful,” the Russian president replied. “It’s just each of these weapons systems is at a stage of readiness. One of them’s already on combat duty. It’s with troops.”

More segments of Kelly’s interview with Putin are expected in the coming days.

Putin’s posturing came during his annual state of the nation address, in which he laid out his agenda ahead of an election this month that he is expected to win handily.

In his remarks, he boasted of a missile that could “reach anywhere in the world,” and even warned that West that his words were “not a bluff.”

According to the BBC, Putin’s video presentations included a “video graphic appeared to show missiles raining down on the US state of Florida.”

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