Michelle Malkin Says She Has No Regrets, Will Not Apologize for ‘Ghost of John McCain’ CPAC Remark



Michelle Malkin is not at all sorry she went after the “ghost of John McCain” at CPAC.

Here is what she said from the CPAC stage: “Sanctuary cities have metastasized and both parties are to blame…And yes, I’m looking at you, retired [Speaker] Paul Ryan; and yes, I’m looking at you, [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell; and yes, I’m looking at you, Bush family; and yes, I’m looking at you, the ghost of John McCain.”

Yet, speaking with Fox News’ Jesse Watters on Saturday, Malkin made it clear she was not contrite.

Noting people said her words were inappropriate, Watters asked, “Upon reflection, do you have any regrets about that statement?”

Malkin replied, “Of course not. I think if you look at the full context of my remarks and by the way, you can watch the whole speech in context, 20 minutes, on my website…You will see that what people were cheering.”

Then she doubled down.

“And the fact is that the ghost of John McCain and all the other big business Chamber of Commerce-type Republicans that have been selling out the American people, that is where the Republican Party needs to reconnect and they can’t simply rely on the Democrat party falling apart,” she continued on.

Watters then asked, “Okay. Because Megan McCain [was] kind of very upset by the comment and obviously, you don’t feel like you have to apologize. Not reconsidering at all? Considering how hurt she was?”

Malkin said she did not feel an apology was in order.

“No, the big business Republicans, Chamber of Commerce and the people who are blocking the agenda that put Trump in office should apologize to America,” Malkin said.

Watch above, via Fox News

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