Mira Sorvino Confirms Sexual Harassment From Harvey Weinstein: ‘It’s High Time This Came Out’


Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino confirmed the recent bombshell report from The New Yorker that she was sexually harassed by film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Speaking with a local news network in Los Angeles, she was asked about the ongoing sex scandal.

“I think it’s high time this came out,” Sorvino began.

Because this interview took place before the exposé was published, she couldn’t go into detail at that moment but said she had “more to say.”

“It’s a travesty that this sort of behavior is normalized and accepted for decades in this industry,” Sorvino continued, “and I am very pleased that this is all coming to light. These are very bad things that he did.”

In the report, Sorvino alleges that at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1995 while promoting the film Mighty Aphrodite (which she later won an Oscar for), she was lured into Weinstein’s hotel room where she was made “uncomfortable” when he massaged her shoulders and attempted to “get more physical.” A few weeks later, she “freaked out” after Weinstein called and told her she was coming to her apartment late at night to discuss “new marketing ideas” for the film, but when she told him that her new boyfriend was coming after he arrived, he left.

She said while she admires Weinstein’s strengths and talents as a producer, “this is not the way that men can act towards women anymore in this country.”

“The more all of these cases come to light and the more people have the courage to speak out, the more that young women can be protected and we can move into a future where my daughter doesn’t have to worry about being harassed on the job,” Sorvino added.

After the story was published, she took to Twitter.


Watch the clip above, via KTLA 5.

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