MSNBC Analyst Predicts Hannity Will Side With Trump After Wall Funding Loss: He’ll ‘Fold Like a Cheap Suit’


Former Justice Department spokesman and MSNBC analyst Matt Miller predicted Fox News Sean Hannity will “fold like a cheap suit” and side with Donald Trump on his show tonight after the president’s failure to obtain border wall funding.

“I have a prediction by the time 9:00 tonight rolls around, Sean Hannity is going to fold like a cheap suit, he’s going to have gotten the message,” Miller guessed “It’s pretty clear this train is leaving the station, Sean Hannity is going to get on board — he’s not going to leave Donald Trump out there hanging by himself.”

The analyst made the prediction during a panel discussion on the importance of Hannity siding with Trump, since Ann Coulter has already condemned the president for caving to Democrats’ demands.

Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace began the discussion by knocking Trump for “losing on substance and on tactics” during and after the shutdown, despite all his confident comments on securing government funding for the wall.

NBC News political reporter Heidi Przybyla chimed in by pointing to Hannity’s vital role in the funding conversation.

“The question, the only question at this hour, is will Sean Hannity also buy into it?” Przybyla asked. “He’s already lost Ann Coulter, but I imagine that there will be some consultations going on between the president and Sean Hannity and at some point he will buy in, too, and declare this a victory.”

Producers then played a segment of Hannity’s show where the host can be seen mocking the $1.3 billion in border security funds, saying it’s “not even a wall” and demanding that “any Republican that supports this garbage compromise… [will have to] explain [themselves].”

“The president on line three — ‘Sean, please don’t call it a garbage compromise, it’s all I could do, Sean, please,’” Wallace joked in response to the Hannity segment. “I don’t have words for how ridiculous that was.”

The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff gave the number one cable news host some credit, saying he “is correct about the politics here, which is the Democrats functionally demolished Trump on this border wall question.”

“You know you’re in trouble politically when Sean Hannity isn’t attacking me and he isn’t attacking the press and he isn’t attacking the Democrats, but the Republicans,” Wallace concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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