MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Republicans Will ‘Put on a Show for Fox’ During Mueller Hearings


While predicting the types of questions that GOP lawmakers will ask Robert Mueller in his first congressional hearings since the release of his special counsel investigation, MSNBC host Chris Matthews suggested Republicans will “put on a show for Fox” rather than focus on issues of substance.

“I think the Republicans will be like one of those people waving the stuff during the NBA game — [so] you don’t make the foul shot, just to screw it up,” Matthews wondered aloud during a Tuesday night panel with Axios White House reporter Jonathan Swan and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

The host then aired several segments from Fox News in which Republican Reps. Louie Gohmert (TX), Devin Nunes (CA), and Matt Gaetz (FL) all implied that the Mueller report is illegitimate due to the supposed involvement of partisan figures like Hillary Clinton and Peter Strzok.

“Are [Republicans] going to swing for the fences or go for singles?” Matthews asked. “Are Republicans going to try to take this all the way back to Hillary and say she is the one who hired Christopher Steele, that she put this whole thing together and say it’s all a witch hunt created by the Democrats, or are they simply going to try to deflect and mess up the coherence of the day?”

After Swan said that Republicans “absolutely” plan on questioning “the origins of the investigation and to question the people who worked on the investigation,” the Axios reporter noted that Fox News host Sean Hannity will air a segment the night before Mueller’s Wednesday House hearings on “what questions GOP representatives should ask Mueller.”

“The box office question: What will be scripted tomorrow during the hearings by the Republican member of the committees? They’re both minority members,” Matthews replied.”They don’t have the control of the gavel, but they get half the time. What show will they be putting on for Fox, the show that Fox can then put on for four or five hours tomorrow night? What are they going to sell?”

Interestingly, the president promoted Hannity’s show on Tuesday night prior to its airing.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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